Telling stories: STORYTELLING

Humans live through stories.

From prehistory to the last phone that has been invented, humanity lives communicating, passing messages and teaching because of our tumultuous routine full of commitments and information (sometimes, unnecessary and superfluous). We need simpler ways to communicate a message.

The concept “Storytelling” means telling stories, so when a story is told, various neurological and psychological aspects are activated; sending us concentration and great attention to the message we are focused on.

It is important to emphasize that this facts happen every time we listen to some music, watch a movie, see a show that we like or make a joke to somebody ; our ears, our eyes and our senses are 100% oriented with the content of the idea.

Storytelling is an important tool that can be used by you in your life and in your company (even if you are a digital entrepreneur too). The main point is the way of telling, after all, many people have a natural talent for telling stories and jokes …

4 elements of storytelling

1) Message

Basically it’s about what you want to transmit to your listeners or readers.

Do you have any teaching between the lines?

Is there an exciting story that will infect everyone with a lot of energy and motivation?

What will make me spend 10 minutes watching the video.

That is the message!

A good message engages the public, but a great message changes all future generations.

It is not surprising that we see so many teachers of humanity that male references to some old messages. Missages from characters such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Lao Tse, Gandhi and Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

2) Conflict

It’s the pepper of history!

You need something to change the pattern of people, something that changes their way of thinking, acting and dreaming …

There are several types of conflicts that can be used, sometimes this conlficts are the same that have been used in Hollywood movies, but the main point is that whenever you see any difficulty in a story you want the movie’s protagonist has a happy ending…Right?

3) Characters

They are the people who will participate in its history.

Here the important point that must be thought is to raise several ideas, invest in their creativity and give life to the dreams of many people who want to recognize themselves in the characters.

You can remember a movie you saw a short time ago and in the way you recognized yourself with the actor or actress … You should have said phrases like these:

“I do that too …”

“I want a life like that”

It is like that!

People move by emotion.

4) Plot

They are all involved, like a fruit salad …

Or better …

A mathematical equation: Message + Conflict + Characters = plot

Think, feel and dream about the story.

For this:

  • Take elements of your day to day.
  • Read narrative books.
  • Follow influential people.
  • Finally, create your plot and build something of value for your clients and the people who live around you.