Naming a brand requires a process of identity creation, so that the product or service differs from the competition.

The name is one of the fundamental assets for your brand, conditioning the positioning, the competitive proposal and its values.

1.  KNOW

The briefing is the strategic part of the preparation of an advertising action. The document contains a presentation of the environment and the strategy of selling the product or service.. 


Define well what we want to do and how we are going to do it from the positioning of the new brand.
Positioning, in Acronim Digital Feeling, is a commercial strategy that aims to get a product to occupy a distinctive place, relative to the competition and in the mind of the consumer


Brainstormingis a group work tool that facilitates the emergence of new ideas about.
Creative conception of the name of the definitive brand.


After the eureka we have to make sure that the trademark is available in the registration of patents and trademarks.
No less important will be blocking that domain or internet domains with which we will work the branding of the new brand


When we work on the naming of a new brand, we have to take into account the different types of names that exist and that can guide us in the approach towards the target and the market:

  • Descriptive: Clearly position the brand with appearance and expression.
  • Abstract: Invented word that generates good sound, memory or distinction.
  • Suggestive: Transmit sensations or experiences.
  • Acronym: Abbreviation for a descriptive name.
  • Neologism: New name from existing terminology.