Currently, e-marketing is one of the most used activities on the Internet. It is a personalized service that consists of sending bulk emails to the different contacts in your database, your list. The goal is to reach your target audience through effective techniques.

Keep in mind that email is one of the oldest communication systems on the Internet. That is why e-marketing is a very powerful and established tool that includes newsletters and mailings.

Do you want to report on the news or promotions of your company? This is the perfect channel!


Acronim Digital Feeling designs, executes and evaluates e-marketing campaigns through a number of processes:

  • We design your campaign.
  • We create and select a database.
  • We do custom shipping
  • We monitor the results.
  • We analyze the impact of the submissions.
  • We debug the database.

E-marketing allows you to strengthen the image of your brand and attract new customers.


  • Low shipping costs
  • Customization of emails
  • Campaigns with great results
  • Attracting potential customers
  • Brand loyalty