The corporate image of a company is important and defines the identity of it. The graphic brand is the set of characteristics, values ​​and beliefs with which the company is identified.

It is important that the web, the professional cards, the folders and all the corporate elements, have the same look, thus maintaining a corporate identity that gives personality to the brand.

A good corporate image guarantees brand awareness, speaks well of it and transmits confidence and professionalism in the products and services offered by the company.

The most remembered logos are those of simple design

A good logo design sets you apart from the competition and gives you a competitive advantage. The logo should be simple and easy to remember. The design, colors and shapes must be unique in the market, resisting the passage of time, fashions and temporary styles.

Corporate image Vs. Chromatisms

One of the important parts of the corporate image is color. The chromatism defines the personality of the brand, and helps us to define the logo, together with its typography.

In the design of a logo, the use of color must be fundamental, because each color generates different emotions and feelings. Next we share with you a table with colors, adjectives and brands that use this color. The purpose is that Digital Acronym Feeling give you light when choosing your key correctly.

Which color inspires you the most?

Red: Love, warmth, courage, passion, power, spontaneity, sex, anger, and even danger

Orange: It transmits kindness, joy, innovation, energy and fun

Yellow: optimism, hospitality, tranquility, creativity, timelessness.

Green: Growth, renewal, relaxation, organic youth, safety

Blue: Strength, freshness, calm, serenity, rest, confidence, intelligence.

Lilac: Mystery, sophistication, eternity, exemplary, luxury, fashion, frivolity, eroticism.

Rosa: Illusion, reverie, childhood, delicacy, tenderness, delicacy, courtesy.

Coffee: Cozy, stability, comfort, bitterness, warmth, current, rustic.

Where do we start?

In Acronim Digital Feeling we are experts in digital marketing, design and corporate strategy. We can help you improve the image of your company, to attract more customers, thus generating business opportunities or gain notoriety in social networks.

A company is not only what it offers and sells, but what is perceived of it.