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Social Media

Social Media

How do we achieve presence in social networks?

Social networks are authentic communication channels that serve to develop content marketing strategies. Through them, we promote the relationship with users, we share opinions and we favor the proximity of the company with its public. Those that have a great relevance are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube.

What advantages can a brand have if it uses social networks?

  • Generate content
  • Carry out branding actions
  • Increase visibility in the network
  • Control and improve online reputation
  • You can handle crisis situations
  • Closeness with the public

At Acronim Digital Feeling we design your strategy on social networks. We listen, measure and act through constant and continuous work.

What processes do we follow?

  • We study the brand in depth
  • We analyze in what social networks should be present
  • We create the protocol of action for each social network
  • Control and improve online reputation
  • Monitorize results

It is important to know that through social networks sells are not carried but managing them correctly can indirectly generate economic benefits for the company as they are a perfect channel to establish trust, credibility and loyalty with users, consumers and potential customers.

To be present in the network and have a good image, you need a plan of actions, a strategy. Only then, we can achieve a good reputation online in social networks.

Online reputation is the result of the positive and negative mentions of our brand in the network. These are the comments that users make on social networks, blogs, forums, etc. It is here, where the figure of the Community Manager intervenes, since it is the person who is responsible for listening to the conversations that are on the network and analyzing everything that is discussed. Only in this way can the identity of a brand be managed.