Specialists in the study of the online market

We perform keyword auditing, web presence, web optimization and online competition

Did you know that…

To realize a good strategy in the network we need to know our audience. An audit involves conducting a thorough study on the brand network that we want to position or promote.

Acronim Digital Feeling performs 4 types of audits:

  • Keyword auditing
  • Web presence audit
  • Optimization audit
  • Audit of the competition

The study of all the fields will allow us:

  • Find out which keywords are most used in our industry.
  • Know how users see us and what they say about us.
  • What presence we have on the web both at the web and social levels.
  • The online reputation of our brand.
  • The technical limitations of our website.
  • Whether or not a website is optimized.
  • Know what our competition is and what channels it uses to make itself known.
  • Check if the content of our web is in accordance with our brand.

Online auditing allows us to discover who our client is and their presence on the network. Thus, we can advise the client globally on the actions that they must implement in the network.

If you already have a study done, but you do not know how to get around the net or how to make yourself known, we will also advise you. Here’s what you need to do to get the most out of your brand.